Friday, February 25, 2011

TSN 3/4 Season Awards

I came across an article on TSN starting that these are the players that they would give awards to if the season ended today.

Hart: Stamkos
Norris: Lidstrom
Vezina: Thomas
Selke: Toews
Calder: Crawford
Jack Adams: Boucher

I have a bone to pick with a couple of their awards. In my opinion, the Selke belongs to Ryan Kesler, arguably the most complete forward on the first place Vancouver Canucks. Additionally, the Calder should go to either Jeff Skinner (my personal choice) or Logan Couture. Skinner is a scoring phenom at the young age of 18, who even made the all-star team. Couture (who is 21) leads the Sharks in goals scored at 25. Crawford (who is having a good season) is 26 years old and is only a rookie in name. If we are picking older goaltenders for this award, I'd nominate Cory Schneider of the Canucks instead.


  1. Yeah dude, Ryan Kesler is extremely talented...

  2. I look forward to seeing how the real award choices will match up with their picks.