Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jets fans rally for NHL revival in Winnipeg

More than 100 Jets fans gathered at the 4Play Sports Bar on Portage Avenue this afternoon for a sit-in rally supporting the possible return of the team.
Fans dug into plates of nachos, drank beer and watched highlight reels and recorded games of former Jets glory at the low-key event, while playing trivia and sharing the occasional speech.
"I don’t feel that we have to prove anything. We’ve done everything," said Jets fan Alex Snell. "We’ve sold out World Junior games out in Winnipeg, in Grand Forks. We’ve sold out events at the MTS Centre, every time we have something important here.
"We don’t need massive rallies."
Snell and friend Ryan Abbott believe the MTS Centre, Canada’s strong dollar and the NHL’s new structure, which includes a cap on player salaries, play well into Winnipeg’s favour – something that didn’t exist when the Jets left in 1996.
"We’re kind of seeing a perfect storm. It almost has to be next season, if not the season after that," said Snell.


  1. Sounds more like a reason to get drunk and eat nachos rather than supporting a comeback to Winnipeg ;)

  2. I don't blame them, they live in Winnipeg... LOL

  3. Not usually a fan of NHL, but this is interesting

  4. lol awesome

  5. well they behave better then soccer fans here in europe

  6. They have quite a lot of fans left from the old days!